WHPCD Events in the Region 2019

World Hospice and Palliative Care Day (WHPCD) is a unified day of action to celebrate and support hospice and palliative care around the world and takes place on the second Saturday of October every year.

This year’s WHPCD fell on 12 October 2019 and the theme is “My Care, My Right“. The theme aims to communicate that palliative care can be demanded by the public – and that, together, every person impacted by a life limiting illness can influence their policy makers to prioritize palliative care financing under Universal Health Coverage.

Many palliative care organisations and services organised their own events to commemorate WHPCD in their own way. Some of our organisational members have kindly shared articles and photographs about their WHPCD event. Click on the tabs below to find out more!

*Articles and photos were provided by the services and organisations