Barry Ashpole Media Watch #494

Barry Ashpole Media Watch

The latest issue of Media Watch, compiled and annotated by Barry R. Ashpole (Ontario, Canada) can now be downloaded here. More reports can be found at IPCRC.NET

International news:

Hospice care linked to higher family satisfaction

REUTERS | Online – 4 January 2017 – A recent study suggests that families of terminally ill cancer patients may be more satisfied with the end-of-life treatment their loved ones receive when it involves hospice care. Study co-author Dr Alexi Wright added that their findings suggest earlier hospice enrollment is associated with better symptom management, less pain, better quality of care and higher likelihood that patients will receive the care they want in their own environment.

Specialist Publications:

Palliative care exposure in internal medicine residency education : A survey of [the U.S.] Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education internal medicine program directors

AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HOSPICE & PALLIATIVE MEDICINE | Online – 5 January 2017 – Training for palliative care physicians is currently inadequate to meet the current palliative care needs as the baby boomer generation ages. Nonspecialty-trained physicians will need to supplement the gap between supple and demand, yet no uniform guidelines exist for the training of internal medicine residents in palliative care. However, there has not been any systematic study performed to evaluate how internal medicine residencies currently integrate palliative care into their training.

Published on: 18 February, 2017 | Last modified: 18 February, 2017